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Titan® Electric Bass Machines (145 Series)

SELF ALIGNING THRUST BEARINGS! Gear ratio is 20:1. Special butterfly button. Durable cast housing. End thrust bearings. Worm meshes perfectly with gear. Safety-type string posts with cutaway shoulders to provide slip-over. Two screws in housing apron provide greater holding power. May be used with ALL modern bass guitar headpieces. Individually hand tested. Screws and bushings included.

2 Treble, 2 Bass (145C Chrome), (145BC Black Chrome), (145G Gold)
4-in-line (145C4 Chrome), (145BC4 Black Chrome), (145G4 Gold)
Left hand models (145CL4 Chrome), (145BCL4 Black Chrome), (145GL4 Gold)

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Item: 145BC