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Percussion Accessories

A practical selection of the most asked for replacement parts. Designed to get the parts out of drawers and bins and up onto the counter where customers can see them!

Drum Clinic parts are all top quality-to satisfy every drummer. They are attractively and durably skin packaged for long shelf life and to encourage impulse sales.

12 Cards No. DC10 Snare Drum Cord (2/CD)
6 Cards No. DC14 Cymbal Washers (2/CD)
12 Cards No. DC18 Cymbal Sleeves (4/CD)
12 Cards No. DC22 Bass Drum Protector Pad (1/CD)
6 Cards No. DC26 Rubber Tips (3/CD)
6 Cards No. DC30 Leather Foot Pedal Strap (1/CD)
12 Cards No. DC34 Drum Key (1/CD)
4 Cards No. DC38 Speed Key (1/CD)
6 Cards No. DC40 1-1/2” Tension Rods (4/CD)
6 Cards No. DC42 2” Tension Rods (4/CD)
4 Cards No. DC44 2-1/2” Tension Rods (4/CD)
3 Cards No. DC46 3” Tension Rods (4/CD)
3 Cards No. DC48 3-1/2” Tension Rods (4/CD)
2 Cards No. DC50 4” Tension Rods (4/CD)
4 Cards No. DC52 Spur Holder (1/CD)
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