About 1st Note

WE MAKE MUSIC FUN! We do this by providing real musical instruments that are easy to play, excellent quality, play in tune and are fun!

Recent studies have shown that children who play musical instruments are brighter, have better learning abilities, develop more self confidence and generally have a more “well rounded” personality then those who don’t.

We’re proud to help reach those goals by being the leading supplier of musical products to the Specialty Toy trade today.

If you’ve been with us for any of the past years, you’ve seen our fabulous growth as you are the reason for it. Thank you!

If you have never dealt with us before, give us a try. You’ll find we are one of your most pleasant, dependable and “easy to deal with” suppliers. After all we’ve been making music FUN… for more than 90 years.

Safety reports conducted by independent laboratories are available for all 1st Note products.